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Where is everything?!

We’ve closed up shop for the summer. We think this is perfect timing because this is the season you should be spending as much time as possible topless!

Have a fun and safe summer!


Hello there,
Thanks for visiting the Hipp Store.

The Hipp Store is working hard to design and craft threads that will make you happy.  We love cool designs, we love Apple, just like you we adore things that are made well. That’s why we ensure everything we create meets a level of quality, fun and personality you will find nowhere else. Do you have any suggestions, comments or ideas? Well, we’re here for you so let us know!

Please check out our limited Edition Tee, ‘The Leader’, it’s fashionable, comfy and hand-printed in a small batch.

If your Hipp Tee made you smile, why not share that beautiful face with the world on Flickr. Go ahead and tag that photo with ‘hipptee’.

Thank you again,
The Hipp Store Team

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